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A 30 Page Crash Course with Techniques, Methods & Strategies to Make E-Marketing Work for Your Business


First, if your business doesn't have a website or isn't set up to rope in customers, prospects or leads from the online world, it is very important that you understand the gravity of the following situation.

It is estimated that the e-commerce market, for the U.S. market alone, is going to be around the $150 Billion mark this year. Now, don't assume that these gigantic numbers are made up by just huge corporations. Sure, huge corporations take a big chunk out of the above mentioned aggregate. However, small business owners, people maybe like you, people who own pizza places, small restaurants, bars, saloons, spas, plumbing services, cleaning services and so many other small mom and pop type of businesses also add to that huge e-commerce statisticof $150 Billion a year.

The real question is, Are You and Your Business Willing to Take a Bite Out of That Mammoth E-Commerce Market?

If you are relying on yellow pages, newspaper ads, magazine listings or just word of mouth referrals, you must understand that YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER.

As we speak, people are searching for your business online, from smartphones, from tablets, from their desktops and laptops. Finding businesses on the Internet is extremely easy as it takes a user just seconds to find out everything about a business; what they offer, how much, how good, where, what time etc.

Obviously, if your business doesn't have a website or any kind of E-Marketing, you will never see this huge wave of traffic, ever.

How You Can Introduce Your Business to E-Marketing?

Now, a lot of people assume that e-marketing is complex, that they have to understand a lot of mumbo jumbo, spend a lot of money, this, that, blah-blah.

No, all false. E-Marketing is cheap, easy to understand and implement, (IF), you have the right guidance, information to show you the ropes, ropes that will allow your business to rake in lucrative online traffic or leads.

Our 30 page, newbie friendly, step-by-step guide to e-marketing is exactly what you need, giving you the ability to take your business online, in a matter of days from now.

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What E-Marketing For Business Can Teach You?

As mentioned earlier, "E-Marketing for business" is designed to be a crash-course e-book that will help you take your business online, in a matter of days; but here is just a peek at the modules that will be covered in this E-Book.

  • Introduction to the world of E-Marketing
  • An explanation of common terms and keywords used in e-marketing
  • Introduction to setting up a domain, hosting and a website
  • Introduction to Email marketing
  • Introduction to Landing Pages
  • Introduction to Email Newsletters
    • Learn how to build a list of customers
    • Learn how to keep those customers interested
    • Learn how to milk these customers with recurring sales
  • Techniques that let you generate FREE TRAFFIC to your site, by just
    • Creating articles
    • Uploading blogs/pictures to social & viral sites
    • Writing press releases
    • Uploading videos
    • Answering questions on the Internet
  • Introduction and intermediate explanation of PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Adwords
    • Facebook
    • Yahoo
    • Bing
    • 7 Search
    • Miva
    • Plenty of Fish
    • Popular alternatives to Pay Per Click advertising

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